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  • Greenwich South Supercharger

    Greenwich CT southbound supercharger

    Right on the Merritt Parkway (Route 15) just before crossing from CT into NY. Good alternative to I-95 through CT, or at least it was when we were traveling (weekday late-afternoon). The 4 charging spaces were all ICEd when we arrived. One person got into her car a minute later but didn't move at first; I think she was waiting for her passenger. When I got out of my car and politely asked her if I could use the space, she moved right away and was nice about it. There isn't much to do here, but Subway and the restrooms are open 24/7, which is a big advantage. Cars seem to turn over quickly here; within 10 minutes of our arrival, the only car in any of the charging spaces was ours.

  • West Hartford Supercharger

    West Hartford supercharger

    Very convenient to I-84 and Route 9. Food options are limited but decent. We happen to like Red Robin, and this location was consistent with the one near our home in the DC area. The nearby enclosed mall seems nice but requires crossing a busy street. The charger layout is somewhat odd -- spaces seem to be angled the wrong way considering that Teslas need to back in to them. I'm not aware of any 24/7 services nearby; we were at this location at lunchtime on a weekday.

  • Auburn Massachusetts Supercharger

    Auburn supercharger

    Very convenient, just a couple minutes off Mass Pike (I-90). However, the mall itself didn't seem very nice. The "anchor" space closest to the supercharger was a bare-bones clearance floor which looked like either it had just opened or it was about to close permanently. (Notably, the corresponding space on Auburn Mall's online map is unlabeled.) The mall's food court was pretty much what you'd expect, and the restrooms were reasonably clean, so the stop suited our needs just fine. I've heard that Golden Pizza across the street is a good option as well, perhaps better than the mall, but we did not go there. Nothing 24/7 nearby, but the pizza place is open very late.

  • The Inn at Cooperstown, a Select Registry Property

    Inn at Cooperstown

    $10 for non-guests to charge for any length of time. Easy walk to anywhere in downtown Cooperstown, which actually made it more convenient than the public parking lots. (Public parking downtown is metered and has a 2-hour limit. The all-day lots are further away and require a long walk or trolley ride.) Plenty of food options and tons of baseball-themed shopping nearby, along with the Baseball Hall of Fame itself. We spent much of the day at the museum, ate lunch at Doubleday Cafe, and ate dinner at Nicoletta's. Overall we enjoyed all of it. The inn itself looks quite nice, and we'd certainly consider staying there in the future if our plans allow for it.

  • Binghamton Supercharger

    Binghamton supercharger

    I've heard The Spot is a good restaurant, but we did not eat there because we had other plans about an hour away. And while they're not 24/7, their hours are quite extensive. Not much else that's nearby and convenient other than Sonic across the street. The Subway nearby appears to be gone.

  • Allentown Supercharger

    Allentown supercharger

    Several easily accessible places to eat within the shopping center, but I don't think anything is open 24/7. We had an afternoon dessert at Yo Fresh which we enjoyed.

  • Harrisburg Supercharger

    Harrisburg supercharger

    I charged late (~10pm) on a Friday and almost nothing in the shopping center was open. (That wasn't a problem for me at the time.) I think the Wendy's drive-thru was open, as was the Sheetz convenience store. Waffle House was probably open but requires crossing a wide/busy street. Starbucks was under construction as of 8/19/2016.

  • Hagerstown Supercharger

    Hagerstown supercharger

    Just a couple minutes off I-70, so it's rather convenient. The chargers are in the back of the lot, so they shouldn't be ICEd much (except maybe Christmas time?). It takes a couple minutes to walk to the restrooms and food court. The food options are typical of mall food courts, and of course there's plenty of shopping. No 24/7 services in the immediate area, though there's a gas station + convenience store about 10 minutes away walking.

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