4 Charger Reviews:

  • Greenwich South Supercharger

    Low draw

    60kW mid-90kWh battery, 70'sF

  • Augusta, ME Supercharger

    It'll do

    No problem just using restrooms at Ruby Tuesday's so far. Panera nearby on mall campus but not walking distance. (5/12)

  • Brewer Supercharger

    Gateway to MDI/Acadia, Downeast, and Maritime Canada

    Important location for extreme northeast. Enthusiast first Ruby Ruesday collaboration. Walmart restrooms 6a-midnight. (5/12)

  • Seabrook Supercharger


    MacDonalds lobby is not 24/7 but drive through is open. There are 24/7 restrooms at the easy on/off highway rest stop just south of the 95 exit for those headed north.
    Panera wifi does not lcover the charger area.

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