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  • AmpedOne


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    Very good 5 course Prix Fixe w/ wine pairing

    From AmpedOne

    Staff are friendly, welcoming, and provide a good service. Rather than the beach the restaurant overlooks the Tesla chargers so you can enjoy a nice view of a white S and red X :-)

    We were split on the bread. I liked it, my wife not so much. First course of tuna was OK but somewhat bland. You had to work to get enough sauce from the bottom of the bowl. Second course (crab courgettes for me) was good for both of us. Excellent sorbet for 3rd. Filet Mignon and Halibut for 4th was very good as was the chocolate dessert. Wine pairing was quite good. Would have been nice if they'd brought the bottle with each though as it helps me remember those I like. They did bring out one of the bottles after I asked.