Average Rating: 3.0

8 Superchargers, available 24/7

  • Public Charging
    • 2 EV Plug (J1772)s
    • 99 Restaurants
    • 793 Southbridge St.
    • Auburn, MA 01501
  • Restrooms
    • Auburn Mall
    • Golden Pizza (open until Midnight or later)
  • WiFi
    • Auburn Mall
Uploaded by JSergeant on September 20, 2016

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  • JSergeant

    6 reviews

    Auburn July 30 2016

    From JSergeant

    Agree with paulvka

  • paulkva

    8 reviews

    Auburn supercharger

    From paulkva

    Very convenient, just a couple minutes off Mass Pike (I-90). However, the mall itself didn't seem very nice. The "anchor" space closest to the supercharger was a bare-bones clearance floor which looked like either it had just opened or it was about to close permanently. (Notably, the corresponding space on Auburn Mall's online map is unlabeled.) The mall's food court was pretty much what you'd expect, and the restrooms were reasonably clean, so the stop suited our needs just fine. I've heard that Golden Pizza across the street is a good option as well, perhaps better than the mall, but we did not go there. Nothing 24/7 nearby, but the pizza place is open very late.