Average Rating: 2.0

Warning: There have been reports of frequent ICE'ing, particularly during lunch.

6 Superchargers, available 24/7

  • Public Charging
    • J1772
    • Chevron Station
    • 2106 E. Florence Blvd
    • Casa Grande, AZ, 85122
  • Restrooms
    • Culver's
    • Chase Bank
    • Sam's Club

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  • maheshgv

    18 reviews


    From maheshgv

    As mentioned by AmpedOne, its quite a challenge to get to the restaurants / shops.

  • AmpedOne


    29 reviews

    Lots of chain food options but dangerous to get to

    From AmpedOne

    There are sidewalks on both sides of E. Florence Blvd but crossing it is harrowing. You'll need to cross 7+ lanes of traffic with no refuge along the way when you get stuck halfway. Cars drive quite fast and often make right turns without slowing or looking for people in the crossing. Be Very Careful