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Chargers are located behind Culver's.

Caution: There are no wheel stops at pavemant edge and your car can easily roll off and and down hill into the chargers. (Dr. Bob Reinke 2/17/14)

6 Superchargers, available 24/7

  • Restrooms
    • Culver's
    • McDonald's
  • WiFi
    • Culver's

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  • AmpedOne


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    Limited food options

    From AmpedOne

    There are limited food options nearby though more if you're willing to walk a bit. Culver's (a bit better than McDonalds) is likely the best. There are marked crossings where Kennedy St crosses Hiway 82 but be ready to move fast as you'll only have green (white) for a very short period. This will allow you to get across to Mtn Mud Coffee and other places on the north side.

    There are sidewalks all the way in to downtown Mauston for those interested.