Average Rating: 5.0

4 Superchargers, available 24/7

  • Public Charging
    • Level 2, J1772
    • 200 W 1st St
    • Duluth, MN
  • Restrooms
    • Holiday Inn
    • Erbert & Gerbert's
  • WiFi
    • Holiday Inn

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  • AmpedOne


    29 reviews

    Great area!

    From AmpedOne

    This is a great area with a ton of good food and entertainment options. SE of the ramp (where chargers are located) is the Duluth waterfront area with a number of good restaurants and Amazing Grace Café which has really good cappuccino's. Nice area to walk around. There's a lakes freighter that you can tour and occasionally a much larger one coming in to harbor that you can get a close up look at under the lift bridge. Directly east are some award winning rose gardens that were created when they covered over the freeway (every city should do this).